Loop Drying Ovens with Stick Circulating Systems for drying and curing of coated paper, cloth, combination, fiber, polyfilm etc.

PS-dryers are exclusively designed for the use in the coated abrasives industry.

Please let us know the definition of your requirements. We are pleased to quote you the right solution.

  • We produce manual, semiautomatic and fully automatic working stick circulating systems.
  • We produce fully automatic stick storage systems for all the storage of all sticks being in the systems.
  • We design and build the necessary steel structure.
  • We plan and build air circulating  systems for an optimized temperature distribution.
  • We plan and build high efficient insulating systems for maximum energy utilization.
  • We plan and build heating and humidifying systems for air conditioning in the ovens with heating sources such as gas, thermooil, hot water, steam or electric power .
  • We plan and build high efficient exhaust air systems and support you with the selection of the optimized exhaust air treatment plant.

Our product range

Our delivery program PS-drying ovens comprises loop dryers and stick circulation systems.

  • up to 2100 mm working width
  • up to 120 m/min. production speed
  • for oven temperatures up to 150°C
  • with steel frame
  • with special insulation with minimized heat bridges
  • with supply air ducts with special air distribution grates
  • with circulating air ducts with special air distribution grates
  • with separate exhaust air system
  • with air heaters for natural gas, alternatively thermo oil or hot water
  • with manually or automatically operated stick circulating and storage systems