55 Years proven Partner for the Coated Abrasives Industry

Peter Schwabe GmbH is a company under german law and has 55 years of experience in customer specific development and engineering of machinery and equipment for the production of coated abrasives on different backings.

As far as equipment and processes are concerned we established together with our international customers in the last 55 years a very deep and specific Know-how and together with innovative designs we shaped up to a technology partner and idea generator for the coated abrasives industry.

Based on proved and tested machinery equipment we are able to create an individual solution for each customer; doing this we consider the most modern technologies.

As a machine building company we are working to the highest ISO-rules and we are complying international non corruption rules.

While we talked in the very beginning about machine construction, the topics today are reduction auf wastage, constant quality level of output, rise in productivity, automatization, plant availability, optimization of setup time, performance, flexibility, maintainability and operator convenience.

For the future we assume that the coated abrasive industry will develop towards crosslinking of product designing, production, logistics, suppliers and customers. This means for us that the part we have influence in, the production of coated abrasives, will move in the direction of production resources which were setting up themselves, knowledge-based, supported by sensor technology. We accept the challenge and would be happy to attend your company on its way in the future with industry 4.0.