Perfection and Quality „Made in Germany“

Peter Schwabe GmbH plans, develops, designs and manufactures, supplies and installs your plant individually, according to your wishes and needs.

Already in the planning phase, we advise you regarding your needs and wishes and develop with you a consistent approach to your project. This applies to new projects as well as to the expansion and modernization of existing plants.

Our team of qualified and experienced engineers will support you professionally in a way that your requirements will be technically implemented and develops innovative solutions at the highest technical level, which will then be mounted and put into operation at your site – worldwide!

Peter Schwabe products are characterized by precision and durability and also after many years we will be at your disposal with our competent service.

The spectrum of our services comprises amongst others

  • planning, development, design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of complete plants
  • planning, development, design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of individual machines
  • support during production
  • transfer of know-how
  • assembly on site
  • consulting service for
    • web gauging systems
    • thermal oil heaters
    • exhaust air treatment with thermal oxidation, regenerative thermal oxidation or biological purification
    • humidifying systems
  • risk assessments and documentations as per newest EU machinery directives
  • newest safety technologies

We deliver amongst others

  • energy optimized production lines
  • drying systems with hot air or infrared
  • heaters for all forms of energy, such as gas, thermal oil, hot water, steam or electricity
  • recipe handling systems for product and plant parameters
  • mixing equipment for adhesives
  • curing ovens as individual ovens or for continuous operation
  • flexing machines
  • calibrating machines
  • laminating units for Velcro and PSA
  • coating units for  supersize and stearate
  • pilot plants